Freedom’s Paul Larson is Outstanding Agricultural Educator of the Year

WEAC member Paul Larson, an agriculture education teacher at Freedom High School, is the state’s Outstanding Agricultural Educator of the Year. Larson was honored during the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators professional development conference held recently in Middleton. The award recognizes members who conduct the highest quality agricultural education programs.

Larson has taught at Freedom High School since 1987. His teaching philosophy is based on the school motto, “Learning together for lifelong success.”

“In agriculture, students are able to apply skills and link concepts with the learning process,” Larson said. “I love watching my students connect it all together and say ‘I get that, that’s why we do this in science, now it makes sense.’ ”

Also at the conference, WEAC member Jacob Cramer, the agricultural educator at Beaver Dam High School, received the Outstanding Young Member Award.